Laborator de Otorinolaringologie



The scientific laboratory was founded in 1991. During 20 years of activity an extensive research focused on the most important ENT issues was carried out: immunological aspects of ENT pathology; specific features of otorhinolaryngological diseases in children of early age and mechanisms of chronic and recurrent diseases; pathogenesis, diagnostics and treatment of recurrent otitis media in children of early age; conservative treatment of chronic tonsillitis; study and implementation of laryngeal microsurgery in practice, development of functional endoscopic endonasal surgery principles and features of this kind of surgery in pediatric practice, study of the impact of recurrent and chronic rhinosinusitis and endoscopic nasal surgery on the quality of life.

Address: MD 2009, Chisinau city, Vasile Alecsandri street, 2

Tel: (+373 22) 72 92 98, 72 52 00